How to Buy a Used Car

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If you’re looking to replace your old, beat up car that just sits in the driveway, you may find that it is more stressful than you thought. Not only do you have to look for something affordable, but something that is in proper, working condition as well. You don’t want to buy a more expensive junker.

One route to take is buying a used vehicle. If you’re skeptical about pre-owned cars, head down to your local Ford dealer in West Valley City, Utah. We have quality pre-owned vehicles at affordable prices. From the Ford Fusion to a Focus, we have a car for everyone. Here are some tips to help you in your search for the perfect vehicle.

The Perfect Holiday Road Trip Truck

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The holidays are right around the corner, and that means taking a trip to the beautiful, snowy mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah. From snowboarding to skiing, the mountains are a perfect destination for your favorite winter activities, but you’ll need a vehicle capable of plowing through those snowy roads and trails. The Ford F150 Is the best-selling truck of all time and that’s because it’s known for safety, fuel economy and capability of greatness.

Best Selling Truck 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new truck, do your research online first and find out what trucks are hitting the market. The Ford F150 is known for it’s legacy and how it has held up its name for more than 50 years.

The style, comfort and fuel economy is the most important part of an F150. When it comes to a road trip, you want your family to feel relaxed and comfortable while spending hours in the Ford F150, so make your way down to a Henry Day Ford Dealership to try it out for yourself.

All Mighty Power Truck

Are you thinking about buying a durable and powerful V-8 engine? The Ford F150 is known for its many capabilities, but the Ford F250 is known for it’s 6.7L diesel engine that gives you the best performance on the road. You get a four-wheel drive that easily takes on deep mud and snow while on a road trip. The tailgating ability has a 350-capacity, so you can bring along anything for the road trip.

Super Duty Truck

You want a truck that you can take to work, on long distance drives and that has a high capacity bed. The Ford F-350 model has a six-speed automatic transmission with a hill descent control that can take you anywhere. This truck offers an off-road package that consists of high capacity, tailgate power and a turbo diesel engine.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a truck for your next road trip or for the everyday grind, then drive your way down to Henry Day Ford. You’ll drive off with a truck that fits your daily needs and style.



What Kind of Cars Are Millennials Buying

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Millennials are identified as people born between the 1980’s and the mid 1990’s. One of the ways millennials are defined is by is their shopping habits. Millennials tend to be picky when it comes to brands and shopping. They are particularly critical when it comes to buying cars.

Brand Reputation 

Millennials highly value brands. Once they pick a brand, they are loyal to it. When researching a brand, they rely highly on the internet and word-of-mouth. If their friend drives a Ford Fusion and they love it, millennials are much more likely to consider buying a Ford Explorer, Ford F150 or any other type of Ford.

Technology Enthusiasts

Millennials tend to care about what is inside the car. The top five desired features millennials look for when purchasing a car are Bluetooth, auxiliary ports, navigation system, satellite radio and mobile integration. As brands try to reach millennials in future cars, it is important to integrate this into their vehicles. The Ford F150 Raptor is a great example of this. Ford incorporated satellite radio, 10-speak audio system, a Wi-Fi hot spot, USB port, Bluetooth and voice-activated SYNC system with a display screen and smart phone integration into their new 2018 model.

Environmentally Involved

Millennials care about the environment. They are more inclined than past generations to look at vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. A Ford Fusion or Ford Focus may be a car they are interested in the next time they are at a dealership in Salt Lake City looking for their next car.

Millennials are the up and coming generation. They are tech-savvy, socially conscious, educated and diverse. While they may not always get a good rep from the media and the older generation, they will become a very important customer for automotive brands in the near future. Understanding what they are looking for in a car now can create a relationship between the car buyer and automotive brand for many years to come.



What to Do If Your Car Is Making Funny Noises

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While cars are more reliable than ever, you always hate when you hear a funny noise coming from your Ford Fusion while driving down State Street in Salt Lake City. Some noises are definitely more detrimental to your car than others. If your car starts making noises, don’t just let it continue. Figure out what the noise is and get it fixed.

Noises Coming from the Exhaust 

Do you hear rumbling, sputtering or rambling noises coming from your exhaust? If your Ford Focus is making these noises, repairs could be as easy as reattaching a pipe, new muffler or a corroded pipe. The noise could also be your catalytic converter. If it is your converter, there may be more repairs involved. The simple fix can cost 100 dollars, and replacing a catalytic converter can cost anywhere from 150 to 600 dollars.


 When you are using your breaks and you hear screeching or squealing, you may need new brake pads or you may need to replace your rotor. Usually when you hear squealing, it means your brake hardware is wearing down. You will want to replace your brake pads quickly once you start hearing screeching or squealing. Don’t put it off. Replacing brake pads will be cheaper than having to replace the axle or rotors.

Noises Under the Hood

Are you hearing noises coming from under the hood of your Ford F150? Your car belt is underneath the hood. Over time, the belts can slip or wear down and cause a squealing noise. These are an easy repair. You can buy a new belt and it will be a rather inexpensive repair. If you ignore the noise, the belt will continue to break and your car can end up losing power steering or loss of engine cooling.

Don’t wait until the belt breaks. Fix it before it becomes a much bigger problem than necessary. When your car starts making noises, don’t put it off. Take it to get repaired before damages get worse.



Microsoft to Work With Ford On New Vehicle Modeling

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Possibilities are endless, especially when it comes to Ford. Not only will a driverless Ford Fusion be delivering your next Domino’s Pizza, but it may have been built using the new Microsoft HoloLens headset.

On Thursday September 21st, ford announced they will be expanding the testing of the HoloLens. It will allow the designers the option to see a digital design and parts as if they were on the actual automobile, but what does this actually mean?

Microsoft HoloLens

Let’s start with the basics. The Microsoft HoloLens is a holographic computer; it is a headset that you can see and hear from. You can even interact in small environments such as an office or living room. It is wireless, so there is no need to connect it to a computer. The HoloLens can be used for 3D design, Minecraft and games across the Xbox One and PC.

Ford and Microsoft HoloLens

Now, you may wonder what Ford and Microsoft HoloLens have anything to do with each other. Well, the Microsoft HoloLens is going to be used in the design process of the overall car. It will combine the old and new ways of designing a car. Clay modeling is the old method of car design, so the new hologram models will make the design process significantly faster.

Instead of the design process taking weeks and even months using clay modeling, Ford Fusion and other cars have been designed within hours and even minutes. The hologram and Ford work together by displaying the holographic image on the part of car that hasn’t been designed yet. Users can quickly scroll through and preview multiple designs virtually instead of creating a clay model.

The future is here. As the Microsoft HoloLens and Ford collaborate and share ideas together, we may see the next driverless pizza delivering Ford Fusion designed by the HoloLens here in Salt Lake City, Utah sometime in the future.


Sedan vs. Hatchback

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If you are in the market for a new or used car, you may be wondering what vehicle will best suit your needs.  There are compact cars, large SUV’s, hybrid cars, electric cars and many more options. One question you might have is if you should get a hatchback or sedan.

There are pros and cons to both hatchbacks and sedans. Depending on you, your family and how you plan on using your Ford Focus or Ford Fusion will help you decide if you want a sedan or hatchback.

The Difference Between the Two

Let’s talk basics first. There is a difference between a hatchback and sedan. A hatchback is a small passenger car. The rear door opens upwards so you reach all the cargo area. The majority of hatchbacks will allow you to fold down the rear seats for extra storage space.

A sedan’s roof slopes down to the boot that disjoints from the passenger cabin. In the U.S the sedans continue to remain very popular.

What One Should You Own? 

If you have an active family that plays sports, goes on road trips, love being active and going camping, you may want to take a look at a Ford Focus Hatchback.  There tends to be more cargo space in hatchbacks. The rear seats fold down and can provide more room for your things than some mid-sized sedans. Hatchbacks may be smaller than sedans, but they can offer more space. The good thing about a smaller car is that it won’t be difficult to find a parking spot.

A sedan tends to be lighter weight, which means they get better gas mileage, but you may also end up with a smaller fuel tank too. Another advantage to sedans is most are available in all-wheel drive. This is a good option for colder climates that get snow, like Salt Lake City, Utah. Sedans can be a good choice of vehicle because you sit higher up and have better visibility.


How to Make a Car Last Longer

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A car is one of the largest purchases you can make. Get your money’s worth and make it last as long as possible.


The Importance of Continual Car Maintenance

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You just bought your dream car from a Salt Lake City Ford dealer. The excitement is hard to contain as you drive your new baby off the sales lot. The thoughts of all the adventures you two will have together are racing through your head—road trips, first dates and trips to see friends. Your new car is your key to doing anything you want.

This is the truth; your car can take you nearly anywhere that you want to go. However, this only remains true if you take good care of your new Ford Focus and continue frequent car maintenance.

Your Car Will Last Longer

Continuously checking your new car for any problems is a great way to help increase its life span. You should take your car to your dealer for servicing every 12 months. This is especially important to ensure that your car has enough oil to keep it running well.

If you do not take your car to get serviced when recommended, not only will it damage your car in the long run, but it will suddenly cause serious malfunctions.

If you notice that your car is starting to make weird noises and act like a stubborn mule, make sure that you take it in for service right away. This continual maintenance of taking your car to be serviced when you notice that something is wrong will give your car a long life.

You Will Spend Less Money

If your car is frequently being serviced and you aren’t pushing off getting it fixed, then the chances of you needing an expensive fix decreases. You will spend a little money here and there for oil changes and tire rotations, but in the long run, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to salvage a car that only needed a little TLC to begin with.

There are many benefits for consistent maintenance of your new baby Ford Focus; your car lasting longer and your bigger wallet are just two of them. Take care of your car and it will take care of you.


Ford’s New Bronco V. OJ Simpson’s Bronco

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It’s no Ford Explorer, but Ford is coming out with a new Bronco. After 2020, you will be able to cruise through West Valley City, Utah in a brand-new Bronco. Broncos haven’t been this talked about since the OJ Simpson scandal. Joe Hinrichs, employed by Ford, revealed that it would be a 4×4 midsize SUV that could handle anything from normal driving to gravel roads to bouldering. It’s a combination of a midsize SUV and an all-terrain vehicle. Ford wants this vehicle to be powerful and able to handle anything that comes its way. Pay attention to Ford’s news to find out the specifications on the new Bronco whenever they decide to release them.


Benefits of Buying a Car New vs Used

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Buying the right car is a huge decision, and there are pros and cons to both new and used cars. Here’s some tips to keep in mind.