How to Make a Car Last Longer

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A car is one of the largest purchases you can make. Get your money’s worth and make it last as long as possible.


The Importance of Continual Car Maintenance

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You just bought your dream car from a Salt Lake City Ford dealer. The excitement is hard to contain as you drive your new baby off the sales lot. The thoughts of all the adventures you two will have together are racing through your head—road trips, first dates and trips to see friends. Your new car is your key to doing anything you want.

This is the truth; your car can take you nearly anywhere that you want to go. However, this only remains true if you take good care of your new Ford Focus and continue frequent car maintenance.

Your Car Will Last Longer

Continuously checking your new car for any problems is a great way to help increase its life span. You should take your car to your dealer for servicing every 12 months. This is especially important to ensure that your car has enough oil to keep it running well.

If you do not take your car to get serviced when recommended, not only will it damage your car in the long run, but it will suddenly cause serious malfunctions.

If you notice that your car is starting to make weird noises and act like a stubborn mule, make sure that you take it in for service right away. This continual maintenance of taking your car to be serviced when you notice that something is wrong will give your car a long life.

You Will Spend Less Money

If your car is frequently being serviced and you aren’t pushing off getting it fixed, then the chances of you needing an expensive fix decreases. You will spend a little money here and there for oil changes and tire rotations, but in the long run, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to salvage a car that only needed a little TLC to begin with.

There are many benefits for consistent maintenance of your new baby Ford Focus; your car lasting longer and your bigger wallet are just two of them. Take care of your car and it will take care of you.


Ford’s New Bronco V. OJ Simpson’s Bronco

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It’s no Ford Explorer, but Ford is coming out with a new Bronco. After 2020, you will be able to cruise through West Valley City, Utah in a brand-new Bronco. Broncos haven’t been this talked about since the OJ Simpson scandal. Joe Hinrichs, employed by Ford, revealed that it would be a 4×4 midsize SUV that could handle anything from normal driving to gravel roads to bouldering. It’s a combination of a midsize SUV and an all-terrain vehicle. Ford wants this vehicle to be powerful and able to handle anything that comes its way. Pay attention to Ford’s news to find out the specifications on the new Bronco whenever they decide to release them.


Benefits of Buying a Car New vs Used

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Buying the right car is a huge decision, and there are pros and cons to both new and used cars. Here’s some tips to keep in mind.


Safety Features to Look for When Buying a Car

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Buying a car is too costly of an item to not research it before you make the purchase. There are a lot of entities to consider when buying a car. You need to consider the lifestyle that your car will be meshing into, how many miles you drive frequently and what kind of car will keep you and your loved ones the safest.

In today’s society, there are incredible features that cars come with. The most important features, of course, are the safety features. Purchasing a car should involve a lot of time spent thinking about what kind of safety features you want the car to have.

Anti-Lock Brakes

A really important feature that is common among cars — in West Valley City, Utah and elsewhere — is ant-lock brakes. The Ford Fusion has incorporated this into the 2017 model. This enables the vehicle to turn while the driver is breaking to avoid hitting another car or object.

Knee Airbags

Another great safety feature of the 2017 Ford Fusion is the knee airbags. No longer will only the top half of your body be protected, but the bottom half as well. Although there is no guarantee of an injury-free crash, the likelihood of the driver getting a serious injury has decreased dramatically.

Security System

An investment in a car that has a great security system can seem costly, but is extremely worth it. The new Ford Fusion security system detects any unwanted intruders. The car will not turn on if the key that is supposed to fit that car is not being used.

Backup Cameras

Another feature that many different vehicles include are today is the backup camera. It is extremely helpful when reversing out of a parking spot. This will ensure that you don’t hit another car or object while you are leaving a parking space.

There is so much technology that has been developed to make your vehicle safer than ever before. Do your research on what kind of technology you want your car to have and get to your local dealer today.

The Ford Mustang is a Woman’s Car

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The Ford Mustang is an iconic car in Salt Lake City and the rest of the United States. Known for being a muscle car, the original model was released in 1964, and has continued to impress Americans. However, because of its muscle reputation, many think that the Ford Mustang is a man’s car, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Originally a Woman’s Car  

When the car was first released, women were the targeted demographic. Women started working and making their own income after getting more involved with World War II. With more income per household, families had more than one vehicle. Suddenly, women and teenagers started to have a voice in the car-buying decision. Ads at the time referred to the Mustang as “the sweetheart of the supermarket set.”

Still a Woman’s Car

Fifty years later, the Ford Mustang is still seen as women’s top pick. Women from 14 different countries have labeled the Mustang as the Women’s Performance Car of the Year for 2016. A jury member for the Women’s Car of the Year, Juliet Potter said, “The Ford Mustang is surprisingly loved by women who are after a sexy, sporty masculine car that turns heads.” Potter went on to say that it’s the perfect balance of “celebrity status and practicality.” The Women’s Performance Car of the Year is the only vehicle honor in the world that is judged by an all-woman panel.

For Her and Him

Although it was originally for women, the Mustang still turn male heads too. With different engine options, you and your man can have matching cars that you love. There’s a six-cylinder with 210 horsepower for her and a V8 with 300 horsepower for him.

The Mustang was originally intended for women, but men still enjoy the ride. With the racing stripes, sex appeal and the economic price tag, the Ford Mustang is a car that will continue to please generations to come, no matter what sex you are.

Why Is the Ford F150 Police Responder Better Than Other Police Vehicles?

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You may or may not have heard that a few months age, Ford decided it was time to add a pickup truck to their line of police vehicles. Now Ford can fight crime any time anywhere, whether it’s West Valley City, Utah or the Big Apple.

The first ever pursuit-rated version of the Ford F150 pickup was developed particularly for agencies such as the U.S Border Patrol, sheriff’s departments, and the fish and game authorities.


This 375-horsepower, four-wheel-drive police responder has been highly rated for speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. It also uses the same Ecoboost V-6 engine found in previous Ford police vehicles such as the Taurus and Explorer.

The specific uses of the Ford F150 police pickup means it is capable of roaming difficult terrain and also includes more horsepower and torque than the Chevrolet or Dodge police vehicles.

In addition, the new police truck can also accommodate carrying five officers with enough room for vests, utility belts, computers and shotgun racks. A divider to carry prisoners and the ability to tow the law-breakers’ car is even possible with this new fancy pickup.

Ford’s Police Vehicle Market 

The law enforcement department as well as police vehicles have seen a variety of different Ford cars. In fact, they’re the leading cars in the police market. Today, the converted Explorer SUV holds more than half of the United States police market.

In addition, Ford has revealed that they plan to make the first hybrid version of the Fusion for police departments, making that police responder the first ever hybrid vehicle offered in police departments in America.

Keep your eyes out for these fancy new pickups on the road. If the unfortunate event occurs that you get pulled over while driving, at least you can admire the beauty that is the new Ford F150 pickup form your rearview mirror.


Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 Ford Mustang

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The Ford Mustang is getting a bit of a face-lift in 2018. Ford is always trying to stay ahead of the curve and pushing boundaries in vehicles.  The Ford Mustang is getting a face lift in 2018. While the changes on the outside of the vehicle may be subtle, there are many new features that will debut in October on the new 2018 Ford Mustang.


 Under the hood, the Ford is being updated. The old Mustangs had V6 engines under their hood. Now, the 2018 Mustangs will have a 2.3-liter Eco Boost engine. This engine will offer the new model more torque. The engine allows it to handle better on the road. The new shock absorbers and suspension will increase the ride quality of the new car.


The 2018 Ford Mustang will be offered in both manual and automatic transmission. The manual transmission is a six-speed transmission and has been modified to be able to take full advantage of the engines’ torque. There is also a 10-speed automatic transmission. This means the car will shift more quickly, have less friction and provide quicker acceleration.

Tech Features

The interior of the Mustang has been upgraded. The 2018 Mustang will come with a heated steering wheel. There is also a new 12-inch display on the dashboard. There is also the Mustang MyMode system. This means you can save steering and suspension settings as well as save drivers presences. Owners also have the ability to download an app of their phone that will allow them to remote lock their car and locate it when it is parked.

The new Ford Mustang will be an upgrade from any other you have seen in the past. Come visit your local dealership here in West Valley City to check out the new Mustang. If a Mustang isn’t the typical type of car you drive, we have many other options you can choose from, both new and used.


A Record of Ford’s Craziest Record-Setting Vehicles

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Have you ever wondered how many watermelons you could drive through a car wash? Not many people have. Maybe you’ve speculated about how many frozen turkeys you could fit in your car. Whether you have tried to break these records, Ford owners everywhere are scrambling to make their mark.

If you’re sitting in your Ford F150, you may want to sit back, relax, strap yourself in and prepare for some amazing accomplishments. Many records have been set and broken by Ford over the years but some of these may surprise you.

Many people — from West Valley City, Utah to the Big Apple — who drive Ford will relate to these awesome records.

How Iconic The Ford Mustang Is

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Recently, the Ford family has celebrated the fact that the Ford Mustang has become the best-selling sports car globally with over 150,000 sales. Since it has been introduced in China, the car has been soaring in sales worldwide and it is expected to be on sale in 146 markets by the end of this year, including a market in Salt Lake City, Utah. It has been the best seller in the United States for over half a century and Ford’s drive to take it global has been extremely successful.


The Ford Mustang was introduced in 1964 and during its first day on the market, 22,000 cars were sold — this was just the beginning of a long and iconic history. It spread like wildfire across the U.S. from the west, to Salt Lake City, all the way to the East Coast.

When it was first released, it came with all the latest and greatest technologies including: power steering, power brakes and bucket seats. It had a body that blew people’s minds, an engine that revved like nothing anyone had ever heard before and it practically became synonymous with “muscle car.” The ‘Stang laid the foundation for generations of cars to come.

Infamous Appearances of the Mustang

Due to its fame and hype, the Mustang has been used throughout cinema. Bond, James Bond was often filmed driving around in a Mustang with his beautiful women and carefully crafted car chases. One of the top heroes of the 50s and 60s was Steve McQueen — he was an actor in the film Bullitt. Bullitt has one of the best car chase scenes in cinematic history and what was his character driving? You guessed it, a Mustang.

Rock N’ Roll legend Chuck Berry even wrote a song about the car entitled “Cherry Red Ford Mustang.”

The Ford Mustang is a part of America’s great history and if you’re looking to become part of that history, stop by a local Ford dealer in the Salt Lake City area today.