Safety Items to Always Keep in Your Car

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When it comes to driving your car, it is always best to make sure that you prepare your Ford Edge in the case of an unfortunate emergency. Living in West Valley City, Utah means that you might not need these items on a day-to-day basis, but it is important to keep them in your car just in case.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are an easy thing to keep in your trunk in order to stay prepared for a worst-case scenario. If you go on a trip and get stuck somewhere that someone cannot get to you soon, you will need some water. You can also put also store up on some food in case of this emergency too.

Spare Tire

Whether you drive a Ford Focus or a Ford Escape, it should have come with a spare tire. However, if you have used this spare tire or if you are unsure if your car has one, it is important to check. You never know when you will need a spare so this item is essential.

First-Aid Kit

It goes without saying that if you get hurt then you will need supplies. Keeping a first-aid kit in your car, even if it is only full of bandages and antiseptic, is crucial. There are many premade kits that you can buy or you can find guides that will help guide you in making your own.

Flash Light

It is true that many phones now already have a flashlight built in, but keep an old school flash light in your Ford Explorer just in case. Your phone may die and it may be dark outside or you may want to conserve your phone’s battery. Either way, a flash light is a must.

Seat Belt Cutter and Window Breaker

The worst-case scenario has occurred, you have gotten into an accident and are trapped in your car. A seat belt cutter and window breaker is now very important to you. These are cheap and they can help you get out of a car quickly and save you from further injuries from trying to break a car window.

Stay safe on the roads and keep these safety items in your car.


How to Choose the Best Car for Your Lifestyle

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Buying a new car is exciting, but it can also be stressful—it’s a big investment and something that’s going to be with you for a long time. Getting the right car that’s appealing to your eye but also practical for your needs is no easy task.

Taking your lifestyle into consideration should be a big part of the car you choose. Having a car that just looks good will only keep you content for so long; until you realize the car you have isn’t capable of doing the things you really need or want it to. At Henry Day Ford, we’ll help you make that connection to a car you’ll be satisfied with for years to come; whether it’s the exhilarating Ford Mustang or the utility driven Ford F150.

Where Do You Spend Time?

Thinking about where you spend most of your time will give you a good idea of what you should look for. This means considering everything from where you live to what your weekends look like. If you live in a place like West Valley City, Utah that has four true seasons, you’ll have to take weather into consideration. If this is going to be your daily driver then getting something like the Ford Edge with all-wheel drive is probably a good idea.

If you live in the city and aren’t too worried about snowy conditions but like to get out for a weekend drive, then the Ford Mustang is a top choice. It gives you the maneuverability for tighter streets and the freedom to get out for a fun weekend drive.

 Load Size  

Getting a car that suits your needs is important. If you have a big family, getting a compact car isn’t going to suit you well. Consider what you’ll be using your vehicle for; this will give you a good starting point.

If you have any questions or concerns, all of us at Henry Day Ford are here to help get you into a vehicle that will suit all of your needs.


Sync® 3 Ford Vehicles and the Waze Traffic System

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Traffic has been an increasing issue overtime; with more cars hitting the road, there are prone to be complications in the flow of traffic. Places like West Valley City in Utah see even worse traffic conditions with extreme weather conditions being a regular occurrence. These issues have inspired the professionals at Ford to act for the millions of drivers across the nation who want a way to reduce traffic and improve estimated arrival times.

These same drivers are in luck. Ford has revealed that since their partnership with Waze in 2017, they’ve been working hard to optimize the driver experience for the community. Ford and Waze are teaming up to unveil a new, community-based traffic system at CES 2018. Ford dealers across the nation will soon be seeing an increase in vehicles equipped with SYNC 3⎯these are the vehicles that will be compatible with the new Waze app.

What Waze is Designed to Do

This new app will deliver optimal driving directions, as well as traffic updates to driver’s; it uses crowd-sourcing to gather information regarding road conditions, traffic accidents, route changes and traffic congestion. After the information, the application will then provide the driver with alternate routes.

Other benefits that the Waze app will include are estimated arrival times more accurate than ever, as well as the ability to see your friend’s arrival times and save on gas by showing you gas prices for nearby gas stations⎯ your Ford Focus will not only be a reliable form of transportation, but an informative one too.

Convenience, Safety and Hands-Free Control

The best thing about the app, is that it will allow you to play music, make phone calls and check traffic conditions safely and efficiently. The Sync 3 offers complete control via touch screen and voice commands. The goal here is to make sure that drivers are safe. Even the safest of cars such as the Ford Fusion need the convenience of the Waze app.

Keep an eye out on your local Ford dealers this year for vehicles equipped with Sync 3; you’ll want to take full advantage of the new Waze traffic app.


Essentials to Pack When Traveling for the Holidays

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It’s the time of year that everyone is excited about. You get to buy gifts for others, participate in your favorite holiday traditions and travel to see your beloved family. When you are getting the family ready to travel from West Valley City, Utah to your in-laws, be sure you are packing all the essentials in the back of your Ford Explorer.

Choose the Best Luggage

When you are packing the Ford Explorer, you want to be sure you can fit everyone’s luggage in the back of the car. This is difficult to do when you still want to leave enough room for everyone to sit comfortably. Try to pack as though you’re playing Tetris—fit the items together. Limiting everyone to bringing only a duffel bag and a small bag will make this possible.

Car Essentials

There are essentials to pack for your car if you are driving in sub-zero temperatures in the middle of nowhere. After you get a tune-up on your car, check your battery. It is possible your battery could not hold the best charge during the winter.

Pack an extra battery in case yours dies. Be sure to pack extra windshield washer fluid. If you end up traveling during snowy weather, you will be glad when you topped off your fluid levels.

Emergency Kit

To feel safe when you are driving, pack an emergency kit. No matter how well any Ford Explorer or other SUV’s travel, you will have a better peace of mind traveling in snow storms with this toolkit.

In the emergency kit pack a shovel, sand, warm blankets, snacks and bottled water. A shovel and sand will help get you dig your car out if you get snowed in. The blankets and snacks are good in the case that you’re stuck for a long time.

By packing these essentials for a winter road trip, everyone will enjoy the drive more, knowing that no matter the situation, they’ll be safe. Don’t get carried away when packing luggage and the emergency kit. You want everyone to feel comfortable.


How Millennials Shop for Cars

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Millennials shop for cars differently than older generations, but there’s a thing or two you could learn from millennials when it comes to shopping for cars.

The Search for a New (Used) Car

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Purchasing a used car is a sensible option for many families in West Valley City, Utah and across the rest of the state. Most Utah drivers want a heavy, tall all-wheel drive vehicle that will last them hundreds of snowy trips up the canyon, like a Ford Explorer.

Unfortunately, those big cars come with a big price tag to match. Buying used or certified pre-owned is the practical choice. Before you start the search for your vehicle, keep a number of things in mind.

Is There a Difference Between Certified Pre-Owned and Used?

Yes, you are more likely to find a certified pre-owned, (CPO), vehicle at a car dealership like Henry Day Ford than you are on classifieds listings. A CPO is a previously owned car between five and seven years old, with less than 80,000 miles on it.

Gently used and without much depreciation, this vehicle is a dream. Though the car can be in great shape in both conditions, try to invest in a CPO Ford Edge over a typical used Ford Edge. A used car is just a used car, no qualifications necessary.

The Looks

After checking out a few cars, the easiest thing to do is determine if you like the look of the car. Inspect the vehicle to make sure everything is as you’re expecting. Take all dings and dents into consideration when determining the value of this vehicle. Rusted and dirty parts might flag potential problems in the future—highlighting the importance of purchasing from a trusted dealership.

 The Machine

Carefully inspect underneath the car’s hood. Request a detailed history on the vehicle before taking it on a test drive. After you take a safe drive and you check off a clean history report of the vehicle, ask a mechanic to examine the car. A reliable, third party mechanic will give you a trusted outsiders perspective on the vehicle, and will advise you whether or not the car is safe to purchase.

Don’t let yourself be rushed into a purchase. Take your time to conclude if you should make the investment on the specific vehicle, and go from there. Safe driving.


How to Buy a Used Car

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If you’re looking to replace your old, beat up car that just sits in the driveway, you may find that it is more stressful than you thought. Not only do you have to look for something affordable, but something that is in proper, working condition as well. You don’t want to buy a more expensive junker.

One route to take is buying a used vehicle. If you’re skeptical about pre-owned cars, head down to your local Ford dealer in West Valley City, Utah. We have quality pre-owned vehicles at affordable prices. From the Ford Fusion to a Focus, we have a car for everyone. Here are some tips to help you in your search for the perfect vehicle.

The Perfect Holiday Road Trip Truck

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The holidays are right around the corner, and that means taking a trip to the beautiful, snowy mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah. From snowboarding to skiing, the mountains are a perfect destination for your favorite winter activities, but you’ll need a vehicle capable of plowing through those snowy roads and trails. The Ford F150 Is the best-selling truck of all time and that’s because it’s known for safety, fuel economy and capability of greatness.

Best Selling Truck 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new truck, do your research online first and find out what trucks are hitting the market. The Ford F150 is known for it’s legacy and how it has held up its name for more than 50 years.

The style, comfort and fuel economy is the most important part of an F150. When it comes to a road trip, you want your family to feel relaxed and comfortable while spending hours in the Ford F150, so make your way down to a Henry Day Ford Dealership to try it out for yourself.

All Mighty Power Truck

Are you thinking about buying a durable and powerful V-8 engine? The Ford F150 is known for its many capabilities, but the Ford F250 is known for it’s 6.7L diesel engine that gives you the best performance on the road. You get a four-wheel drive that easily takes on deep mud and snow while on a road trip. The tailgating ability has a 350-capacity, so you can bring along anything for the road trip.

Super Duty Truck

You want a truck that you can take to work, on long distance drives and that has a high capacity bed. The Ford F-350 model has a six-speed automatic transmission with a hill descent control that can take you anywhere. This truck offers an off-road package that consists of high capacity, tailgate power and a turbo diesel engine.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a truck for your next road trip or for the everyday grind, then drive your way down to Henry Day Ford. You’ll drive off with a truck that fits your daily needs and style.



What Kind of Cars Are Millennials Buying

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Millennials are identified as people born between the 1980’s and the mid 1990’s. One of the ways millennials are defined is by is their shopping habits. Millennials tend to be picky when it comes to brands and shopping. They are particularly critical when it comes to buying cars.

Brand Reputation 

Millennials highly value brands. Once they pick a brand, they are loyal to it. When researching a brand, they rely highly on the internet and word-of-mouth. If their friend drives a Ford Fusion and they love it, millennials are much more likely to consider buying a Ford Explorer, Ford F150 or any other type of Ford.

Technology Enthusiasts

Millennials tend to care about what is inside the car. The top five desired features millennials look for when purchasing a car are Bluetooth, auxiliary ports, navigation system, satellite radio and mobile integration. As brands try to reach millennials in future cars, it is important to integrate this into their vehicles. The Ford F150 Raptor is a great example of this. Ford incorporated satellite radio, 10-speak audio system, a Wi-Fi hot spot, USB port, Bluetooth and voice-activated SYNC system with a display screen and smart phone integration into their new 2018 model.

Environmentally Involved

Millennials care about the environment. They are more inclined than past generations to look at vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. A Ford Fusion or Ford Focus may be a car they are interested in the next time they are at a dealership in Salt Lake City looking for their next car.

Millennials are the up and coming generation. They are tech-savvy, socially conscious, educated and diverse. While they may not always get a good rep from the media and the older generation, they will become a very important customer for automotive brands in the near future. Understanding what they are looking for in a car now can create a relationship between the car buyer and automotive brand for many years to come.



What to Do If Your Car Is Making Funny Noises

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While cars are more reliable than ever, you always hate when you hear a funny noise coming from your Ford Fusion while driving down State Street in Salt Lake City. Some noises are definitely more detrimental to your car than others. If your car starts making noises, don’t just let it continue. Figure out what the noise is and get it fixed.

Noises Coming from the Exhaust 

Do you hear rumbling, sputtering or rambling noises coming from your exhaust? If your Ford Focus is making these noises, repairs could be as easy as reattaching a pipe, new muffler or a corroded pipe. The noise could also be your catalytic converter. If it is your converter, there may be more repairs involved. The simple fix can cost 100 dollars, and replacing a catalytic converter can cost anywhere from 150 to 600 dollars.


 When you are using your breaks and you hear screeching or squealing, you may need new brake pads or you may need to replace your rotor. Usually when you hear squealing, it means your brake hardware is wearing down. You will want to replace your brake pads quickly once you start hearing screeching or squealing. Don’t put it off. Replacing brake pads will be cheaper than having to replace the axle or rotors.

Noises Under the Hood

Are you hearing noises coming from under the hood of your Ford F150? Your car belt is underneath the hood. Over time, the belts can slip or wear down and cause a squealing noise. These are an easy repair. You can buy a new belt and it will be a rather inexpensive repair. If you ignore the noise, the belt will continue to break and your car can end up losing power steering or loss of engine cooling.

Don’t wait until the belt breaks. Fix it before it becomes a much bigger problem than necessary. When your car starts making noises, don’t put it off. Take it to get repaired before damages get worse.