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    Here are some of our most commonly asked questions?

    Why do some of the vehicle maintenance schedules say I can wait 10,000 miles between oil changes?
    In your maintenance book you will see different driving conditions and recommendations. Ideal conditions are at sea level, no dust, no temperature extremes. We recommend every 5,000 miles.


    Why do I have to leave my vehicle? Can't it just be looked at real quick?
    When vehicles are dropped off to us, we dispatch them to the technicians in the order they came in. This way we are fair to everyone. Depending on shop flow, yours may not go in until later in the morning or early in the afternoon the day you scheduled.


    Why are there no parts for the recall on my vehicle?
    When there is a large recall, the vendor that Ford uses may not have new parts available at the time the recall is issued. Recalls are often done in waves, focusing on the larger problem areas first. Ford will send a second letter stating the parts are then available.


    Why can't I have a loaner car every time come in? My old dealer used to give me one for my BMW.
    Ford does not provide for loaner vehicles unless there are extenuating circumstances, or you have a service contract that provides for one. That is why we have a courtesy shuttle to help people get back and forth to work or back home.


    Why is your Worry Free Maintenance less than other places?
    We want your business and we want to be your family's servicing dealer. We are offering this tremendous deal to have you come in as our guest and see how our family works and to experience worry free sales and service from a family owned dealership.

    My engine light is on, is that dangerous or should I be worried?
    We recommend that anytime a warning light is on, you have us check it out for you. An engine light can be a number of things from a loose gas cap to an emissions problem. Letting a check engine light continue to stay on can damage other components such as other sensors or the catalytic converters.

    Why should I do a tune-up (spark plugs) at 60,000 miles when the manual has it at 90,000 to 100,000 miles? 

    We recommend The recommendation for the tune-up is based on ideal conditions like most other maintenance recommendations. Plug wear varies with driving conditions as well as type of fuel used. Short trips tend to wear plugs down quicker.



    Do you detail vehicles if I would like it cleaned?

    Yes we do. We have several detail options available depending on your needs. Please call us and we can go over those with you to find the best one for you.



    When I come in for service it is very hard because I have 2 small children. What options do I have? 

    We have a kids play room right next to our customer lounge which has a television with cartoons as well as other items to keep them busy. The other option is we can drive you home in our courtesy shuttle and pick you up again later.



    A guy that I know has done some work on my car before. He seems pretty good and is a nice guy. He's also cheaper than you. Why should I use your Service Department instead of him?

    Our service employees have extensive training and have to re-certify every year for the newest and latest models as well as keep us with changes and updates on previous years vehicles. With all the options on vehicles now, the systems are very sophisticated and it is difficult for someone with a small shop to keep up. We receive vehicles from other shops to diagnose quite frequently and help them with difficult diagnosis items. Would you have a doctor remove your appendix if he had to look in a book or on-line how to do it? Why not go to the pros. It's sad for us when a guest comes in with a concern and they have spent hundreds of dollars elsewhere, then our factory trained technicians find the problem for them for a $99.95 diagnosis. Also our parts are warrantied 2 years unlimited miles.



    If I decide to have my vehicle worked on, can I work on my lap top while I wait? This would be convenient for me. 

    Yes, we have free Wi-Fi as well as an internet bar. We have guests that can continue to do their business on line while they wait.



    If I come in for service, will I be harassed by sales people? I didn't like that at my last dealership.

    No, our people are very friendly and will certainly greet you with at least a "hello" , but they will not harass you.

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