How to Spot a Worn out Tire

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A tire failure can be scary, make sure you check your tires before it gets to that point. One of the best ways to tell if you need new tires is the old-school penny test.


Do I Need New Brake Pads?

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If your front wheels continually get dirty even after washing them day after day, you might need new brake pads. When your brake pads need replacing they tend to cover the front wheels in brake dust. This fine powder is caused by the brake lining getting worn down by the rotor. Common signs that you need new brake pads include pulsating or vibrating in the brake pedal, longer stopping distances and having to push your foot down further than normal to apply the brakes.

It’s important to keep up maintenance on your brakes and to replace your brake pads every 20,000 to 60,000 miles depending on the type of vehicle you drive and various other variables. If you drive a truck like the Ford F150, you will need to replace your brake pads more frequently. Have your brake pads checked by a professional whenever you have your tires rotated—so about every six months.

Dangers of Waiting Too Long

If you put off changing your brake pads for too long, the metal backing on your brake pads and the rotor will come into contact. As a result, you will damage your rotor and potentially put yourself into a dangerous situation. Even worse, you will have to pay even more for entirely new brakes.

How Do I Check My Brake Pads?

Your vehicle’s brake pads will make a noise when they need to be changed. Listen to your brakes, does it sound like metal is scraping while you’re driving your Ford Mustang? Another thing to check is your wheels. If brake dust is accumulating in the wheel, you probably need new brake pads. The last way to check your brake pads is by observing the brake pads themselves and seeing whether or not they look thin. If they are less than one-quarter inch thick, they probably need to be replaced.

If your Ford F150 or Ford Mustang needs new brake pads, bring it into our West Valley City, Utah location where our Quick Lane service can help.


Top 10 Most Common Vehicle Repairs

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Here at Henry Day Ford in West Valley City, Utah we offer routine maintenance for all of our vehicles, whether you drive a Ford Explorer or the Ford Fusion. To keep your vehicle running smooth, make sure that you schedule routine maintenance on your vehicle. Even with routine maintenance, however, sometimes our vehicles need repairs. Here are some of the most common types of vehicle repairs.

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Your oxygen sensor is a vital part of your exhaust system and should be replaced about every 50,000 to 60,000 miles. Proper maintenance will help your oxygen sensor last longer, however.

Catalytic Converter Replacement

The catalytic converter increases gas mileage and performance by neutralizing hazardous compounds, like carbon monoxide, in your exhaust. While this part should last the lifetime of your car, you will need to replace it if you put off any other exhaust system repairs and cause it to breakdown.

Ignition Coil and Spark Plug Replacement

Spark plugs drive your engine by sending sparks to your ignition chamber and allowing the fuel to ignite. Always make sure that you see a licensed mechanic like those at our Quick Lane service, especially for repairs like this one that can cause damage if not done properly.

Fuel Cap Replacement

Loose fuel caps can lower your engine’s performance. Luckily, they are an extremely cheap repair as the average fuel cap only costs $15.00. Most mechanics check the fuel cap whenever you get your oil changed.

Thermostat Replacement

A faulty thermostat is one of the most common reasons that your check engine light comes on. The thermostat measures your engine’s temperature and repairs cannot be put off unless you want your engine to fail completely.

Ignition Coil Replacement

Your ignition coils basically tell your spark plugs when to operate and failure to fix them can cause damages to your ignition system. To prevent this from happening, don’t put off repairs.

Mass Airflow Sensor Replacements

The mass airflow sensor determines how much air needs to enter the engine for optimal air-to-fuel ratio. Replace your air filter frequently to make sure your Ford F150 is working as well as it should.

Spark Plug Replacements

Your spark plugs ignite the fuel within the cylinders and are an important component

that, if not working properly, can reduce gas mileage or even melt the catalytic converter. Once again, make sure you have them replaced by a certified mechanic.

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement

This is an incredibly common repair but is a relatively cheap repair.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Replacement

This valve keeps your Ford Fusion working as efficiently as possible and lowers your emissions. So, don’t put off this repair.

Henry Day Ford wants you to get the best out of your Ford Explorer or Ford Fusion and to enjoy the benefits of driving one of our award-winning vehicles for years to come. So, if you run into any problems and need repairs, make an appointment with our Quick Lane service today.


Keep Your Seatbelt and Your Future Fastened

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Each time you fasten your seatbelt, you secure your future.

Share My Ride

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Ride-sharing can be scary, but if you’re prepared you can handle anything.

The Dangers of Hand Free Devices

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Distracted driving is often associated with cell phone use. Imagine you are driving down the road and roll straight through a stop sign because you are busy texting. This is unsafe for you, others around you and your brand-new Ford Fusion.

However, also imagine this scenario, you are driving home from work and you are using speaker phone to talk to your child about their homework. You get caught up in conversation and suddenly your mind wanders off the road. Both of these scenarios are examples of distracted driving. The myth that using hands free features lowers your risks is simply not true. Hands free driving leads to driver error because it is a distraction.

It Is Not Safe

Just because you use hands free features on your electronics does not make them any less of a distraction behind the wheel of your Ford Explorer. The truth is that multitasking is not as easy as you may think. In fact, the brain cannot actually do two things at once, and multitasking is simply the brain bouncing its focus back and forth between the tasks.

Talking to text takes a lot of focus. It is not any safer than holding your phone to text. Using hands free navigation can be frustrating and also cause your attention to veer away from the road. Scrolling through social media hands free can cause you to see less of what is around you. Bottom line is hands free does not lower your risk of distracted driving.

Be Smart

By using hands free electronics, you are minimizing your attention to the road. Even if your Ford Fusion has an awesome hands-free dash setup, it is still important to keep your focus on the road. This will help you avoid the consequences of distracted driving. Keep your hands on the wheel and your mind focused on driving.


Stress Free Commuting

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You just spent a long day in the office. It was complete Monday manic, filled with nonstop emails, work piled up and budget cuts. You are exhausted and starving because you missed lunch. Now you have to sit in traffic in your Ford F150 for an hour just to get home.

Daily commuting can be a stressful start and end to each day. Managing that stress with a few helpful tips may save you a bit of sanity during a busy week. Sitting in traffic is not fun for anyone, but with these tips you can keep your stress levels down a bit to keep you safe out on the road.


So next time your Ford Mustang is bumper to bumper in stand still traffic, make the most of it. Play an uplifting playlist or listen to a podcast to make your time more enjoyable. Try out a podcast that makes you laugh. Keep in mind the aggressive music can cause you to feel more anxious and make traffic a more stressful situation.


Although your attention should first and foremost be on the road, you may also want to practice mindfulness while stuck in traffic. Pay attention to your actions and your mood. Pay attention to your breathing and take some deep breaths if you feel yourself getting tense behind the wheel.

Do not get caught up in road rage. Allow yourself to acknowledge behavior and then move on from whatever upset you in the first place. Keep your focus on the road and the environment around you.


Did you know that smiling releases tension? Try to smile and even laugh when the traffic leaves you with nothing more to do. Try to consider the positive of the situation like it allows you some alone time. Better yet, if you know you are going to hit traffic, bring some company along. Sitting in you Ford F150 with company will make the commute a bit more bearable.


Why You Should Get Your Spouse a Car for Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and life is about to get a little sweeter. While you might have just finished holiday shopping, before long it will be time for another round of gifting. Whether it’s a significant other, a best friend or a family member, spread some love this February with the gift of a new car. There’s nothing like riding down the freeway, playing some music and heading to a gorgeous view to set the mood for a romantic evening.

If you are stuck on finding the right gift for the special someone, it’s time to consider a Ford Fusion or a Ford Mustang. Two cars that are top of the line and will show your number one just how much you really love them this holiday.

A Car Your Love Will Love

Stop guessing what your significant other really wants this Valentine’s Day. They want a reliable car they will fall in love with. It doesn’t even matter if you have bad credit, you can still be approved for bad credit auto loans in Utah. Making the decision to purchase a Ford will be the best decision you make during the entire month of February.

Picture this, your wife waking up to see a brand-new Ford Focus in the driveway. You score major brownie points and she gets the hopeless romantic she has always wanted. With pleasing gas mileage, high level of passenger safety and a sporty look, this is a car is the perfect gift for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day.

What are you waiting for? There is no better time to surprise your spouse or significant other with the gift that keeps on giving. Imagine the smile on their face and how good you will feel when you give your spouse the gift of a new Ford.


Things to Consider When Buying a Sports Car

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Many of us dream of owning a sports car, but there are a few things you should consider before investing in one. Before visiting your West Valley City, Utah dealership to buy a Ford Mustang, make sure that you consider not only the price of the car, but the operating costs and insurance options as well. Once you know what you can afford, you can start looking at sports cars in your price range and focusing on the details like torque and drivetrain.


Sports cars come in all shapes and prices. From $20,000 to one-million dollars, you are sure to find a Ford Mustang or two in your price range. Don’t consider the price of the car alone, however. Sports cars tend to have higher operating costs due to lower fuel economy and premium gas requirements. Tires, maintenance and parts are also more expensive than your average vehicle.


Another important thing to consider when buying a sports car is your insurance options. Ensuring a sports car is always a bit pricey and some insurance companies won’t even insure drivers who have a sports car. In general, your premium increases as the size of the engine increases. If you have a good track record and have been driving for a few years, however, you will have a much greater chance of finding someone to insure you.


We’ve established that sports cars can be pricey, but you will find that a Ford Mustang is well worth the price when you feel the roar of the engine. Now remember, the number of cylinders is not the most important aspect when comparing engines. A turbocharged V6 engine can be much faster than a V8 which is naturally aspirated. Instead, focus on horsepower and torque when comparing sports cars.

Performance Numbers

Another thing to look at when buying a sports car like the Ford Mustang is the vehicle’s performance numbers. Find out how quickly the vehicle goes from zero to 60 mph and 60 to zero mph. If the vehicle can sprint from zero to 60 mph in less than seven seconds, it is generally considered fast. It should also only take about 110 feet for the vehicle to go from 60 to zero mph.


Finally, most sports car enthusiasts prefer rear-wheel drive since it requires more skill and greater involvement. All-wheel drive, however, is becoming more popular as it allows the wheels to receive a greater amount of power without losing traction.

Before you buy the next Ford Mustang that you see, consider everything discussed above. The more knowledge you have going in to buying a sports car, the happier you will be with your purchase.


Choosing a Car When You Have Children

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When the time comes to look into buying a new or used car, it is important to consider exactly what you need and what you would like. These things you do or don’t need become even more important if you have children to think about as well. In West Valley City, Utah your local Ford dealer can help you find the perfect car to fit you and your family’s needs.


In order to get car seats into the car, as well as to be able to help children in and out, you need to have easy accessibility. This means a car with four doors instead of only two. You might love your Ford Mustang, but it probably won’t be the car you should use to get your family from place to place.


Whether you only have one child and are simply looking for enough space to fit a car seat or you have multiple kids who will need to fit comfortably in one car, it is important to consider exactly how much room you really need. You might only need a car that sits five or you may need a car that seats seven comfortably. Either way this will limit your options to which vehicles will work.


Now, the accessories in a car may not be important to you or they may be what makes or breaks a vehicle choice. Perhaps you are looking for a car that has plenty of cup holders to hold your children’s juice boxes or maybe a build in television to keep them occupied on long trips. It could be that you are looking for a backup camera or even automatic doors. Consider the accessories available and which ones would benefit you and your budget best.

Safety Ratings

As a parent, your priority is to ensure your children are safe. Talk to your Ford dealer about the safety ratings on the cars you look at so that you can make an informed decision. They can also help you find the best car for you as painless as possible.